We’re closing after 29 years

To All My Wonderful Gym-minis Parents, Grandparents, Carers and Children,
I wanted to put this Facebook message up for you all, i have decided to now retire from Gym-Minis. The problems at the moment with Covid are making it very difficult for us to restart in the very near future, in the way that we would find acceptable and safe.
So i have taken this very difficult and sad decision. It has been the most fun and joyous
29 years for myself and my fabulous ladies in pink. How i will miss you all. I have so loved meeting all our Gym-Minis family over the years and even seeing some of my little ones coming back with their own children, how brilliant is that. I will miss you all so so very much, but i have a head full of wonderful memories!! My fabulous and precious ladies in pink have been my rock over the years and very special friends, I will so miss seeing them all the time. I know they will all miss you as much as i will and that they are also heartbroken about this decision.
A big thank you to all of you for your support and kindness over the years, you have all been the greatest!!!
I am hoping there will be a brave and special person out there, who would like to take Gym-minis on, if so please contact me as soon as possible, as i still have all the equipment and the hall slots for a short while and we can have a chat. Obviously this is a difficult time but i am sure in the not too distant future our classes could re-start for you all.
I feel so distressed about this that i am currently crying while writing this message to you all, but i know the time has come and i now have to move on and enjoy new adventures with my lovely husband .
Love to you all and kisses for the little ones and big ones xxxxxxxx
Take care of yourselves and your very precious little ones, this has really been a dream job and we have had so much fun!!!!! Thank you xxx
Love to you all xxx Shelley xxxxxxxxxxxx

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