About us

Gym-Minis has been running successfully since 1992 and we currently run classes during school term time only in Basingstoke , Hook and Alton. There are two classes each morning to cater for children from first steps to 5 years old.

We are a privately run small business, we are not part of a larger organisation or a franchise.

Over the years thousands of children have enjoyed our fun filled classes helping them to develop life skills, agility, social skills and confidence, some are even returning to us now as Mummies and bringing their own little ones!

The ‘Ladies in Pink’ are all mums and ex-Gym-Mini mums who didn’t want to leave, we understand the different needs and abilities of pre-school children and have all been ‘through it’! !! Jo, Deirdre, Shelley and Helen have been together running the classes for over 15 years and use this experience to care and encourage your little ones to have lots of fun during their time with us.

Gym-Minis is special and it always will be special because we really care. It is your child’s happiness, development and safety which will always be our number one concern.

So why not come and give us a try…we guarantee they (and you) will enjoy it and make lots of new friends!