Class info

We have two classes each morning with the equipment arranged to suit the age groups. The layout of equipment in classes, the songs and rhymes are all changed fornightly to introduce new tasks and adventures for all the children to enjoy.

A typical class will have three areas of equipment setup for each group of children to enjoy to help develop gross motor skills, there is then a fourth fine motor skills area where we organise a colourful and fun floor activity to develop co-ordination.

The equipment we use includes huge cylinder rolls, giant soft cheeses, brightly coloured climbing frames, soft toys, balancing boards, tunnels and LOADS MORE, this all allows your child to experience and learn a range of actions, such as rolling, climbing, balancing and jumping, we also setup a variety of floor exercises which includes our AMAZING parachute, basketball net, skipping ropes and much more, plus for each class we do song and rhyme circle time!

9.40am – First steps to 2yrs class

Our younger classes are aimed at pure fun, we set out the equipment into a course but they are not required to follow this (as that would be impossible), we allow them to explore the equipment under the staffs close supervison and just enjoy as much as they can before we bring them all together for some circle song time, we celebrate any birthdays with a balloon and then stickers are then given out to all of the children to reward them for doing so well.

10.30 am – 2yrs + class

Our toddler classes are slightly more structured with a course for the children to follow and we encourage them to stay with their group, the class is split into groups 4-6 children and they then travel around the equipment together, we always include some circle song time and a challenging floor activity, we celebrate any birthdays with brightly coloured balloons and then stickers are then given out to all of the children to reward them for a brilliant class.


Chineham Village Hall
Thornhill Way
RG24 8YE


Hook Community Centre
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