Each Year Gym-Minis receives so many lovely emails, comments, posts and reviews from parents, grandparents, nannies and carers…here are just a few.

“We took part in a trial session on Monday and were so impressed with how well structured and well organised the session was. My son was slightly overwhelmed to begin with, but all of the Pink Ladies were so kind, reassuring and patient and we both had a really enjoyable time. We look forward to returning next week.”

“Really looking forward to signing my little girl up to Gym-Minis next week, she loved her free trial, wonderful friendly staff that made us feel so welcome”

“To all you lovely ladies at Gym-Minis, I want to say a Big, Big Thank-you to each and every one of you. Both my children; Laura (now 7 1/2 years old) and Robert have spent many happy hours taking part in the Gym-Minis activities. As a mum who has watched them both play, laugh and climb like mad, I have many special memories. Thank you for those memories.”

“To all the girls at Gym-Minis. Thank you for making my time at Gym-Minis such an enjoyable, fun experience. I’m sure I will have very happy first memories of my time spent with you all.”

“To all the Gym-Minis Ladies, Thank you so much for all the wonderful Wednesday mornings we have had at Gym-Minis. We shall miss you all.”

“Thank you all for a wonderful, fun Gym-Minis time. We have so enjoyed our time with you. Gym-Minis has benefited her in so many ways – confidence, agility, coping with noise and large groups of children, discipline, to name a few! We will miss you!”